Day Zero point Five

Nighttime sets. I'm kinda craving a cigarette but not as much as I normally would. Is it self-restraint or is this vaping thing really helping me?

Earlier today I made my way to MadVapes NJ located in Green Brook, NJ. I've been seeing their store for quite some time but this was my first time stepping foot in the brick and mortar. It was 12:45 - they had only been open for 45 minutes. I was hoping it would be empty so that pro-vapers wouldn't hear me, a noob, ask for a starter kit.

The store was occupied by several people. Two people working behind the counter and they looked busy helping the customers. A few were tasting, one was checking out, another few were just hanging out on the couches. Thick clouds of vapor hung in the store... and it smelled great (and clean - not like Playdrome).

I quickly browsed at everything on display - mods, atomizers, batteries, juices, etc. I was overwhelmed. I instantly felt out of place. I glanced at the wall behind the counters - numerous cubbies all labeled with different supplies. This place was neat. I like neat. I kept looking at everything hoping something would look familiar besides the eGo Twist i had been used to. I found it tucked in a small corner in the last display case. Definitely stuff for newbs i thought to myself.

An associate introduces himself to me and asks what I was looking for. "Starter kit"... He chuckled and seemed to know that I needed something worth its salt. He asked if I had ever vaped before and told him about my past experiences. I asked him for his recommendations and he pointed me towards an Aspire Sub Ohm + Aspire Atlantis Tank. He said this is something I'm used to and requires little knowledge as far as modding goes.

"Fill up the tank with juice, screw it on, fire up the battery and you're good to go."
This is definitely what I was looking for.

He sold me a tobacco menthol juice at 6mg. He said I should cut my previous dose in half since this will be a hard hitter. He proceeded to set it up for me and showed me how to use it. The associate took a big hit and showed me how much vapor it could produce. I was amazed. I took the maiden puff and I was sold. Minutes later I was thanking them for their time and said I'll see them soon.

I get to my car and take a private puff - away from the eyes of the experienced vapers and the salespeople. Not only did I get that elusive "throat hit" I had been searching for all those previous times I tried vaping, but I got a satisfying dose of nicotine. I felt my pupils dilate and my senses heighten.

Fast forward several hours later - I'm now back at my house and I've probably had 25 puffs since. A couple while driving and a couple upon returning home.. I would've had about 3-4 cigarettes by now. I just wrapped up dinner and my body is waiting for that post-dinner cigarette. I take two hits from the APV and my body is satisfied. My fix was had.

As I finish writing up this entry, I want to go outside to have a real cigarette and compare it. I'll resist the urge and just take a few more pulls from my vape and then call it a night. Let's see how tomorrow goes.

Day 0

Day Zero. I can't wait to make the switch from "analog" (terminology used to refer to the archaic way of receiving nicotine) to the world of electronic vaping. 


Ive spent end the last few days reading and researching as much as I possibly could to immerse myself in this new (to me) methods.  I've tried vaping before but that did not last long. Not sure if it was the juices, the weak eGo c-twist battery or the lack of dedication to really quitting but I was not successful. After all the reading I've done, it seems that vaping has come a long way from when I started. Maybe now is the time.

I've smoked for half my life. 15 years should be enough. I remember when I first started how I could count how many times I smoked a cigarette. No more though. 15 years of too long and I need to make a change for the better. My ultimate goal is to give up smoking completely which means no more cigarettes and no nicotine. Realistically I see myself moving down to low milligrams of nicotine, not sure if I'll ever kick it to 0mg but we shall see. 

Day zero. My last cigarette was at 12:30PM. En route to the Vape shop to start the rest of my life.  

Poignant. I know.